KNOW YOUR STATUS words & actions Download for World AIDS Day

The B4H World AIDS Day clapping song is called “know your status.” It is based on an old-fashioned children’s hand clapping song game.  It is very well known to many who grew up in PNG. In 2018, we recognise the original silly song as sexist and racist.  Our aim is to do better.  We hope your singing and sharing our new song, helps to promote respect for people living with HIV, reduces ignorance, and encourages everyone to “know their status”, through regular voluntary testing.  Businesses for Health is committed to raising awareness of the laws of PNG, the rights of people to work, and to lead a long and healthy life.   People living with HIV, Look just like you, and just like me Know your status! Know your status! Up in the highlands, down by the sea. The only way to know is VCT! He said, she said and tok baksait, it’s your business and you can’t be sacked Because we’ve got the HAMP HAMP Act! To learn as a clapping song-game, find a partner, facing each other, join hands.  Start swinging hands.  Email B4H PNG for the words and actions document