The B4H World AIDS Year "KNOW YOUR STATUS" song

The B4H World AIDS Day clapping song is called “know your status.” It is based on an old-fashioned children’s hand clapping song game.  It is very well known to many who grew up in PNG. In 2018, we recognise the original silly song as sexist and racist.  Our aim is to do better.  We hope your singing and sharing our new song, helps to promote respect for people living with HIV, reduces ignorance, and encourages everyone to “know their status".

B4H World TB Day WALK with Governor Parkop & friends

Team #B4HPNG with our #coveryourcough message join our business partners, workplace TB Wardens and friends in the National TB program on the NCD Governor Parkop's Sunday for World TB Day 2019.  

B4H world TB day street festival 2019

PNG's deadliest infectious disease brings vibrant and engaging health promotion to the streets of Port Moresby.  Thank you to our sponsors, subscribers and many partners in the National TB effort #coveryourcough

Celebrate IWD with the B4H Women in TB story collection

Businesses for Health celebrates International Women Day with our Women in TB project.  It is a collection of ten short stories of ten incredible women.

B4H World NO Tobacco Day MAY 31

DOWNLOAD and share our #notobacco resources

Reduce Smoking and Reduce TB

Enjoy our workplace information sheets and activities for use this World NO Tobacco Day #coveryourcough #NoTobacco