Percentage Correct



* The message that TB is preventable and curable is well known

* Less than half of all respondents know TB is ONLY an airborne infection

* Comprehensive knowledge about TB is low

* Awareness of free testing and treatment is high

* Most people do know TB can affect organs other than the lungs

* 95% of respondents INCORRECTLY included ‘skin rashes’ as a main sign of TB disease. (A ‘sign’ – like a rash, can be seen by someone else)

* Only 55% of respondents know it is unsafe to work alongside someone with active TB


From the results of our first small survey we conclude that more TB education is required at all levels of business.  

An increase in knowledge of TB is required to change the personal perception of the threat of TB, and enable all private sector workplaces to establish activities that will prevent, detect and treat every case of active TB.

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